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Battlefield Clans

For players who are looking for a reliable Battlefield clan that plays seriously, several options are available. What many people don't know is that you can often join a good clan by simply stopping by their voice server and introducing yourself! This information is usually listed on the team's web page or social media profile.

Call of Duty Clans and CoD Teams

To become the best player you can be in Call of Duty, you need to play with good teammates and practice together. There's a huge number of groups out there to join, but for the best quality, we recommend a good Call of Duty clan which also goes by the name CoD team. Getting outside of your circle of acquaintances will help you meet new people, better players, and expand your skills.

PUBG Teams

Another game where players are often stuck in a small group of their own friends and rarely improve their skill level is PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds, or PUBG. Therefore, if you want to achieve more in game and maximize the number of chicken dinners you get, you really should think about joining a quality PUBG team. This will introduce you to a variety of different players and play styles that can teach you a lot about the game you didn't previously know.

Rainbow Six Siege Teams

In competitive games like Rainbow Six Siege, it's necessary to train harder with dedicated players to gain the advantage you need to move up the ranks. Consider trying out with a Rainbow Six Siege team and listen to their feedback on where you can improve. Who knows, with enough work, you could be the next league star!

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Clans

Games like The Division 2 often involve a lot of group effort to achieve game objectives and trophies. So you're going to want reliable teammates in your clan who are helping to you get where you want to go. A solid The Division clan can be both enjoyable to play in and help you to advance further in the game than you could on your own.